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ARTThe word ART has ARRIVED at Studio 1219 in Port Huron!

Attention ART lovers! We have the word ART on both sides of our building NOW!! The letters are above the older installed lettering that read as just STUDIO 1219.

I have been wanting to get this finished for some time now and had lowered the Studio 1219 letters to accommodate the new hopeful addition, 4 years ago when we resided the building!….Unfortunately we lacked the extra $500 funding to spend on such a non-necessity. There is always something else more pressing, tables, chairs, equipment, new equipment wanted for unique classes, there is never a lack of new needs.

Now, Thanks to my wonderful volunteers and SEMCO ENERGY we have the letters A.R.T. and they are up!

A very Special Thank you to Tim Lubbers, Director of Business Development and Genina Hagle the Tax Compliance Manager over at Semco Energy for approving a $500 donation to Studio 1219. Now as anyone drives north or South along M-29 they can see this and will know what Studio 1219 is….it is an ART STUDIO! ….I am so happy that these 6 letters are finally up!

volunteers-the good guys!_edited-1

I also need to thank two men Ron and Jerry who are not wanting any thanks or recognition at all, they helped me get the letters installed when I was working on it.

Thanks ever so much to two good guys!

going up

Another shout out goes to SC4 and Jane Barden Celeste Skalnek and Alysa Diebolt for the completion of the mosaic mural here out front! Its simply beautiful!

south front


Front north

Thanks Bunches to everyone who has helped in any way!

Janet Prusik

Jan Prusik, Executive Director Studio 1219

south corner

south drive by

As a side note: I personally really appreciate this donation! At Studio 1219 we need more local people and businesses to help support us. We need people from our Blue Water Area area that care about the children, adults and special needs students that come here daily and are benefiting by the high level of Art Education we provide. The James C. Acheson Foundation and St. Clair County Community Foundation, where most of our past assistance has come from can’t be expected to do it alone.

For the past 6 years we have shown we responsibly use all the financial help any business looks to provide to us donating here within their own community. We have shown this by expanding our programming with quality classes, caring for our huge old building and providing more jobs for young and old in our community . Many local people lead a healthier life by destressing when being involved with Studio 1219. This involvement makes for them a fantastic resource as a community ART center! Families from Algonac to Lexington love our after school art classes and summer programs. Seniors come here to work on art and enjoy the companionship a fun class provides. Special needs individuals thrive here improving their dexterity and communication skills. Kids Clubs take workshops here and earn badges. We have the largest center in the Blue Water Area and we have our own pottery studio also! “Art Studio 1219” offers ART to the whole community in St. Clair County and beyond and our well trained educators are awesome! We offer art classes, gallery shows and some of the best gifts from over 150 artisans living all over Michigan in our gift shop. If you or your employer likes to give locally please check us out. Please do us a favor like Genina did and get involved, it makes a difference right here at home, in your own community! Trust me the studio needs extra support to remain here in St. Clair County for our community.


To get more information and make a difference, because every cent you give helps us improve! call 810-984-2787 or write Studio 1219, 1219 Military St. Port Huron. MI. 48060 See our website at www.Studio1219.com and here is the donation link:http://studio1219.com/donate/


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